Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Decorationg for Fall

I have brought up the totes from the basement! Let the decorating begin. I did buy a new harvest angel this year and put her on my basement door. She was only 9.95 and who can pass up such a bargain for something so cute! I just love the way my house looks in all her "Fall Finery". The house becomes cozy and warm. I am a little slower this year at getting the decorating done. This weekend I am hoping to go on our annual fall day trip to buy some pumpkins, sip hot apple cider and see the start of the beautiful colors on the trees. In southeastern Minnesota we have the most beautiful fall colors. We have Apple Festival this weekend and Cranberry Fest next weekend in Wisconsin. The fall is jam packed with Autumn festivities. Hope your days are crisp and colorful.

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Kim said...

Hi Shelley! Fall is certainly happening across our gorgeous state. Isn't it nice? You'll have to share more photos once you get all of your decorations in place. Cute angel. Enjoy the festivals!