Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

North Shore Quilt

My daughter and I head for the North Shore of Lake Superior for a few days every summer. They have some very cute quilt shops along the way. Last year we visited a shop in Grand Marais (our favorite town) they had a cute pattern that uses 10 fat quarters not including the backing but everything on the top and binding. We picked out fat quarters that reminded us of the North Shore, woods, rocks, water, bears, up north logos. And we put together this quilt. It has been so much fun using it this past winter, it reminded us of our trips up north. My daughter Hollie keeps trying to take it home with her. This year when we go, we will pick out 10 fat quarters for her memory quilt. We are going to join in on the Minnesota Quilt Shop Hop this year. We are sure to find some treasures along the way. I will take pictures of the shops and post them. We go in August.

I pray your day is filled with God's blessings.

Table Topper

This pattern is from a book called "Four Seasons of Calendar Table Toppers" by Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries. Her patterns are nice to work with. I usually save this table topper for the fall. It was very fast to make. And it looks so cute when I put it on a little round table with pumpkins on it. It is a fun and easy quilt.

Bernina Virtual Class

I am taking a Virtual Class by Bernina at a quilt shop. The first lesson a month ago we learned quite alot. If we bring back a completed project of something we learned the next class will be free. So I am making a pillow using a couple of things we learned. We took a piece of clothes line and made a ruffled edge, so that is what I am using here. I am just about done with the pillow so will post when I get done. It happens to match the two-color quilt challenge project I am making. I found the class to be very interesting. We learned new uses for 4 bernina feet. (That I dont have.) but just more things to add to my NEED list! My lilacs are blooming, and they are right out my sewing room window. So the smell all weekend was heavenly. I didnt want to leave the sewing machine. I think the smell of fresh lilacs is one of the best smells. You just cant find it in a candle etc.. I got to be grandma on saturday so that was just the best. Is there anything sweeter than a grandchild? God is good! Happy sewing...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Quilt

I have this hanging near my kitchen. The colors are much more happy than what the picture is showing. This was the 2nd quilt project I made when I first started to learn to quilt. This pattern was taken from a Barbara Brandeburg book "Cabbage Rose" and the pattern is called "Fine Day in Baltimore". It was so much fun doing. And I really like the border. I did this using Barbara Brandeburg's applique technique in her book. It was easy to follow and I had alot of fun making it.

I have a question??? I have noticed that the dates on my posts are 2 days behind the date I actually post.
Any ideas?

Sunroom Quilt

This quilt is one of the first ones I made. I used a pattern called "Old Blue China" from a book called "The Best of Cabbage Rose" by Barbara Brandeburg. I made the wall hanging pattern into a larger quilt by adding a couple of more borders. I was teaching myself to make quilts and found her books and instructions very easy to follow. I love working with her designs. I use this quilt in my sunroom. It comes out after the christmas stuff is put away.

Update on Two Color Challenge

I have started hand applique on my project. I love using "Silk" thread on my hand applique projects, the thread doesn't seem to get tangled so much. I also like using "Straw" needles for my hand applique. The sun is shining in Minnesota today. When I left for work the temp was 44, still cold at night and in the morning, but to us it is like a heat wave. When the sun is out it is a hard decision if I should quilt or should I be doing something outside and enjoying the sun. My daughter Hollie and I went flower garden shopping over the weekend. We had fun and visited a couple of cute shops. I was going to take pictures of the shops but forgot my camera.
Happy Sewing!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Border Coming Together

I am having fun sewing on the 1 1/2" squares to my 4 1/2" square for my "Zinnia Basket Quilt" from the book Kim Diehl "Simple Traditions" . This will all be sewn together to form the outer border. I just love "The Angler 2" . (They have fun stuff on their website). You dont have to draw on the diagonal lines. I use blue painter tape to attach it to my sewing machine. It works really nice. Cant wait to have a finished quilt!

PS. I wonder why the dates on my Postings are not all correct?

Enjoying the Everyday

I am trying to be more aware of my surroundings. Trying to enjoy and be delighted in the everyday things around me. Today on my way to work I looked at my tulips. Finally blooming here in Minnesota. Longggg winter. I stopped to take a good look and a picture. It did make me feel good. Last night the baby bunny was back bouncing around the yard, but too quick to take a picture. My husband and I watched him for the longest time, he was so cute. I am concerned though where is his family. I only ever see the one little bunny.

I hope that you have a day filled with the beauty of everyday.

Start of Two Color Quilt

The pattern I am using is "Tulips and Tossed Greens" from a book by Kim Diehl called "Simple Seasons" (love her books!). I am using aqua and brown colors. I am getting the bunny's ready to applique. I am having fun making yo yo's for my project. I bought a "Clover" yo yo maker and is that ever slick. It goes so fast and the yo yo's turn out so nice. I think the sun forgot about snowed up north this past weekend. I did see the cutest baby bunny hopping around the yard this morning. They are so funny to watch. I hope you are having a happy quilting day! God bless you today.

Granddaughter's Quilt

I have been working on this quilt for about 2 years. It is just one of those that I just kept putting away and starting again. The backing is done with minky. I had her with me when I was buying fabric and I found her wrapped up in a bolt of minky, she was loving it. So I made her a quilt top and backed it with yellow minky. The pattern I used is "Square Pegs" from a "Quilt Country" pattern. I had a wonderful mothers day. I couldn't be with all my children (2) and grandkids (2) but I was thankful that I had a wonderful mother and daughter (husband and Dad) to have lunch with and my children are all healthy. Have a nice evening. Happy creating!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hysterectomy Quilt

I call this quilt my hysterectomy quilt. I was off work for 7 weeks a fews years ago. I was not able to do much. But I was able to get this wall hanging done. It was very theraputic. The pattern is from Cabbage Rose by Barbara Brandeburg, the book is "Fancy Things". I just love her patterns.
I am joining "Sisterschoice" two color quilt challenge. First time I have done one. So I hope I do it right. Thanks to Nicole from "Sisters Choice" who so graciously helped me with all the questions I had about blogging and joining the quilt challenge.

Love Making Penny Rugs

I really enjoy the whole process of making penny rugs. This is the first one I had professionally framed. The pattern is from
It is a pattern called "Noel Penny Rug". I love working with their patterns too!

Work in Progress

I love doing applique and am always trying different ways. I think I like doing needle turn the best because I can take it with me. I like watching tv and doing handwork at the same time. I like being able to take it to work with me. I am slowly getting this quilt complete. I have to piece the border yet and then the top will be done. The pattern I am using is from a book called "Simple Traditions" by Kim Diehl.

I love working with her patterns and her books are wonderful.