Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Friday, August 22, 2008


I joined in the fun of the "Two Color Quilt Challenge" with "Sisters Choice" but after I had it almost finished I realized I have 3 colors. I guess the cream threw me off. So now I have a 3 color quilt instead. I am not quite done with it, but thought I would show how far I did get and then kind of put it away after I realized it had 3 colors. I did have good intentions of creating a 2 color quilt. When I do get this done I will be putting it on my dining room table for the spring. I love Kim Diehl's patterns. I have her 3 books. This is a table runner from "Simple Seasons" everything in the book is great.


I have this quilt started, it went so fast. I just have to applique the birds on the circles and then quilt it. I just love the pattern and the fabric. I think I am going to use it in my sunroom. Or it would be cute as a table cloth in the dining room. Amy Butler fabrics and the pattern is by Barbara Brandeburg. Love their stuff.


While we were vacationing the Minnesota Quilt Shop Hop was taking place. So we stopped at a few of the shops along Lake Superior. There are some really fun shops along the way. And of course I had to buy some new patterns and you can never have to much stash. These shops are truly Up North quilt shops. Tucked into the woods and some along the Lake.


This is the Harbor in Grand Marias, Minnesota. Lake Superior. My daughter Hollie and I try to go here every year in August. It gives us energy for the coming year. She is a teacher so she gets relaxed before she starts her new school year. The splashing of the waves has to be the most calming sound in the universe.

Hollie and I are watching the sun set looking out at the Harbor in Grand Marias. We dont do a lot when we go to Grand Marias. We sit alot by the water and read our books and take naps. We think that Grand Marias is pretty close to what Heaven might be like.

This is the view from the deck at the Hotel. There is a class for Kayaking. It looks like fun but have never tried it yet. Maybe next time.

Hollie and I like to hike along the Lake. This is looking at the Light House in Grand Marais. The sun is getting ready to go down and it is so peaceful and beautiful.

This is my 2nd favorite place to visit, it is the "World's Best Doughnut" Shop. It sits right next door to the book store. So I get up every morning buy "SOME" doughnuts go and sit by the lake and read my bible in the quiet hour of the morning as the water is lapping on the shore and the sea gulls singing. The doughnuts are just so yummy, you cant have just one.

This is one of our favorite places to visit on vacation. It is a book store "Dury Lane" and it sits by the Lake. It is the cutest little shop and it is crammed full of books!! We go in there everyday and browse and buy a book. I have found some of my favorite books in this shop. Then we go outside and read and watch the water.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Anne & Buster

I won I won!!! I entered a drawing for the cutest print at "Donna (Cookie) Gotlib" from the land of "Cookie Sunshine". And I won this cute print. It is of Cookie's baby sister Anne and Buster. I found a frame at "Crate and Barrel", it is glass with a frame all around it, the print fits in there perfect. I have this hanging in my living room and it makes me smile when I look at. The poem that came with it is so cute too. I encourage you to visit Cookie's blog site. Her Art will bring lots of smiles to your day. Thank you again Cookie for your Art that makes me Smile.