Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Friday, October 24, 2008

Kitchen Has Fall Look

This is my kitchen. I love collecting cookbooks. But I could only fit so many on the shelf. I have cookbooks all over the house. It is really hard for me to walk by a new cookbook.

I have a new job!! I have been working at this place for 14 years and felt it was time for a change. I have been praying that God would lead me to a new place. I have been dealing with a couple of really nasty people. So through it all I have learned forgiveness and patience. I am so thankful to be moving on. It has been quite a journey. I wonder why some people feel the need to have power over people. It is a dangerous thing when a person has to feel power over people. Well on to a new job. Kind of scary, starting something new, but so thankful and yet excited. At 54 I am not so adventurous as I use to be. This really is a step of faith for me.

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